Phase 2: The "In Between" Months

The wedding planning process really kicks into gear after your vendors are booked.  This is the time to start mapping out your day, flushing out the budget to see where you're really at, designing floor plan and maintaining vendor due dates and deposit compliance.  But where to start?  What needs to be done? It can become a cloud that looms over the planning process and many couples tend to put it off until the last minute causing incredible stress and rush right before your wedding when it all comes closing in....Gulp!

When you add the "In between" months to your phase package,  BAE is at your disposal for consul­tation on items such as design, décor and logistics.  We meet once a month either in person or virtually and we stay in contact using email and our cloud based planning software Aisle Planner.  Layer after layer, the plan is put in put place starting with the major timeline items and start to hone in on the more intricate things such as procession order and what will be available to eat during hair and make up.  With the goal of having the entire wedding built by the beginning of the "month of". 

BAE will also be the main contact for your vendors acting as a liaison and single information channel between yourself and your vendors.  This is especially valuable to clients with demanding life outside for planning their weddings.  Wedding Planning is BAE's full time job - not yours.

During this time we will also be managing items and tasks such as the invite and RSVP process as well as planning for timeline and other incidentals including favors, paper products, guest experiences, etc.