Planning a wedding is such an amazing milestone and byAmanda Event Studio is honored to be of consideration. At byAmanda Event Studio, otherwise known as “BAE”, the wedding planning process is divided into 4 separate phases. Since all weddings and events are much like snowflakes, one is never like the other, BAE clients may choose to contract BAE for 1, 2 or all 4 phases.  In essence, customizing their own planning package to fit their exact needs.  Below you will find all phases described with their stand alone, a la carte pricing.  Be sure to find the package pricing description on the following pages!

Pre-Process: Wedding “RX” Session                                                                                                                                                   

Included in every package combination is the wedding “RX” session.  The purpose of this session is mainly for us to get to know each other and for BAE to gather all pertinent information.  This is a time to review those pinterest boards, color palettes, likes and dislikes, wishes and dreams. We will collect, discuss and review in detail the planning items that have already taken place and then develop the “RX” or plan on how to move forward with the planning process.  Any red flags will be identified, priorities set, and a course of action set into motion!

Phase 1: Vendor Sourcing                                                                                                                                                                                

After the in-depth “RX” session, in a timely fashion and with a sense of urgency, BAE will be responsible for bringing you 3 (three) options for all vendors and venues, requesting and negotiating contracts, and securing vendors/venue.                                 

Phase 2: The “in between” months leading up to “month of”                                                                                                            

As well as being at your disposal for consultation on items such as design, décor and logistics; BAE will be the main contact for your vendors acting as a liaison and single information channel between yourself and your vendors.  We will also meet once each month either in person or virtually. During this time we will be managing items and tasks such as the invite and RSVP process as well as planning for timeline and other incidentals including favors, paper products, guest experiences, etc.  

Phase 3: The “month of"                                                                                                                                                                   Beginning with a second “RX” session, this is where it all comes together and BAE takes ownership of the event.  BAE will facilitate all final vendor meetings and walk-throughs, prepare all necessary functions sheets, communicate clearly and confirm with all vendors to ensure compliance and seamless execution. This also includes a final walk through, attendance at a rehearsal, coordination help at the rehearsal dinner, start to finish lead day of coordination as well as a day of coordination assistant for 8 (eight) hours and coordination help for the post-wedding brunch.  Please see Day of Coordination package below for a detailed description of “day of duties”.

Phase 4: Day of Coordination                                                                                                                                                                           This package also includes the initial“RX” session upon contract signing as well as a second “RX” during the month leading up to event.  BAE will design necessary function sheets and distribute and confirm with all vendors. BAE however is not the vendor’s main point of contact until 1 (one) week prior to the wedding.  

Day of coordination (DOC) includes a final walk through, attendance at the rehearsal, start to finish lead day of coordination and 8 (eight) hours of a DOC assistant.  DOC duties vary greatly from one wedding to another.  At BAE we do whatever it takes to make the day absolutely flawless. Responsibilities that are usually necessary for DOC include but are not limited to vendor check-in and orientation, first look management, décor set up, guest greeting and interaction.  It is the day of coordinator’s responsibility to move the evening from major moment to major moment from start to finish including ceremony flow, toasts and speeches, first dance –all the way through to waving goodbye to the newlyweds.  It is also the DOC’s responsibility to assist in all décor breakdown and the collection of belongings for the couple so that they may go enjoy their afterparty!

Aisle Planner Access: Full access to Aisle PlannerIncluded in all packages. Aisle Planner is an online planning tool for unlimited amount of bridal party individuals.  Complete with private log on identities, this tool allows for easy coordination and streamlining of countless logistical considerations including task assignments, budget management, payment due dates, timeline, design and inspiration boards, guest list and RSVP management.

Package Pricing                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please contact BAE at for Pricing for all phases-  when packaging 2 or more phases together package prices apply!